Monday, May 10, 2010

Final Photos and Videos

Here are my final photos and videos for the Make: Robot Build Contest.  Click on the pictures for a lager image.  Sorry for the poor exposure on both the pictures and videos.

Here are some videos of Twitch:
  • Good Run - Shows a pretty good run with a few obstacles.
  • Out of Tough Corner - Shows Twitch successfully navigate a pretty tough area.
  • Brave Soldiers 3 - Shows the good sensitivity of the bumper assembly against a small, unanchored Legos model.  Those are some brave soldiers!
  • Brave Soldiers 4 - Shows the good sensitivity of the bumper again.  Wondering what happened to Brave Soldiers 1 & 2?  Maybe they weren't so lucky... or maybe George Lucas had something to do with the progression of the story (ok, by the looks of the video, probably not).
  • Head-on 1 - Shows how Twitch handles a head-on collision by reversing.
  • Head-on 2 - Shows how Twitch handles another head-on collision.
  • Stuck - Shows Twitch get stuck... it happens.
What a blast this has been!  Hope we do it again.

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